Sheep teddy knit RETAIL


First up. Let’s talk about the sheep teddy.

It’s amazing! It has some similar characteristics as the poly skimo from last year. However, the skimo was clearly a knitted fabric. There was a slight open weave to the skimo. The ST is 100% opaque allowing it to be PERFECT for so much more. It has a similar backing like get but smoother, less... sticky.

 Think warm cozy blazers, pea coats, overcoat. Whatever you want to make for your winter needs!

It washed up fantastic. Didn’t shrink an inch. I washed on hot and dried on hot. (Wanted it to take a beating 😆)

It has 50/30 stretch.

100% poly.

290 gsm.

This is not a low quality product. This is something that should last a long time.

Price will be $9 preorder and retail will likely be around $13-$15