Sew all the Georgette Crepe

Sew all the Georgette Crepe

May 17, 2017

I have a few favorite Georges.  Prince George (I'm guilty of eating up those celebrity articles on the royal family every chance I get).  George Clooney (I love me some Oceans Eleven movies!).  Curious George (if only for the reprieve he gives me from my toddler).  But my new favorite George is Georgette Crepe.  If you've shied away from this fabric, let me tell you, you are missing out! 

When I was getting ready to sew for this blog post, I messaged Darcey to ask about the Georgette Crepe.  I had never sewn with it before and didn't quite understand what it was. She sent me a video showing off Gemma and I knew I had to have it.  I even threw in two yards of Sadie while I was at it.  In the video, it loved how it handled-- it looked so fluid and airy.  It's a stretch woven-- a deceptive title, because stretch wovens are not actually stretchy.  Stretch wovens do have some spandex in them, but the stretch is minimal (primarily in the diagonal), and really only for ease of wear.  When my package arrived, it did not disappoint. The Georgette Crepe is perfect-- light, fantastic drape, and awesome texture. Oh, and gorgeous designs too! 

Gemma (purple) is sold out, but as of right now, Sadie (the mustard) is still in the shop, along with a host of other beautiful Georgette Crepes!  

For Miss Sadie, I decided to use the Mama Daphne pattern from Made for Mermaids.  Daphne is one of my favorite woven patterns.  There are top and dress options, and multiple sleeves options, including a flutter sleeve or a full ruffle sleeve.  And in true Made for Mermaids style, the pattern is also available in a girls' version

I added about 2 inches to the length of the top version.  I like my tops to be a little longer since I'm usually wearing leggings, ha! 

See the texture in the close-up shots? I love sewing fabric with some texture to it.  I like how the fabric kind of grips to itself, and I like the extra aesthetic to the whole sewing experience. Is that weird?! 

Now, the dress versions of this pattern have elastic in the waist.  The top version is pretty free-flowing. If you want a little definition to the waist, it's easy to add a little tie like this.  And it's totally on par with the peasant top look!

I have to admit, I think I've only ever done the full ruffle option for Mama Daphne. I just love it!  But, if I'm going to get real here, I'll say that though the pattern is intended to be off the shoulder, you'll more likely see me wearing it up on the shoulder.  It's a little more user friendly for this toddler mom of two!

In keeping with the boho look, I decided to use the Amuse Top and Dress for my cut of Gemma.  The Amuse is from Winter Wear Designs and it's newly available on their website (previously, you could only get it through One Thimble digital sewing magazine). I was recently a part of their Amuse Homecoming Tour, and I blogged about making a knit version of this boho chic design.  I LOVE my knit version, so I thought this was a good opportunity to try the pattern out in it's intended woven fabric. 

And the result is a giant yes in my book! This is probably my new favorite top. I think I wore it out three times in a row when I was done with it. 

This is the mini dress version of the pattern, with 3/4 sleeves. There are multiple lengths to choose from, from top to tunic to three dress lengths.  The pattern also comes with short sleeves.  The pattern calls for elastic at the hems, but I skipped that. 

The dress lengths all have a straight hem option, or a shirt tail option.  You can see I went with the shirt tail option for that little swoooop! 

I love the front yoke, and it really does come together easily.  

The back yoke is optional,  but once I tried it, I'm convinced it's absolutely necessary to take this pattern from great to perfection.

I was almost hoping for a windy day when I took these photos, just so I could show you the movement in this fabric! 

Thanks for hanging out and letting me share two of my favorite woven patterns with you! I hope I convinced you on the Georgette Crepe (check out the shop for all the gorgeous options available right now)! I love how Darcey keeps my on my toes with new fabrics that I've never tried before <3  


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