Rayon Spandex Knit Fabric

What is Rayon Spandex?- 95% Rayon 5% Spandex:

Rayon Spandex is a garment fabric ideally made for outfits. Before we can fully understand rayon spandex let’s break the two down. What is rayon? Rayon is an artificial textile (man-made) composed of cellulose derived from plant sources. These sources are trees such as bamboo, cotton, plant pulp. Making a lot of companies marketing rayon as a natural fiber. Whatever the case is, it’s clear to label rayon as sustainable material (recyclable material). Since rayon is more absorbent than cotton it's a great fabric we can use during humid months. Whereas cotton, chenille or the like is better to use in cooler climates. What is spandex? Spandex is a lightweight, soft, synthetic fiber which has a unique elasticity. Being made on synthetic polyurethane gives it extraordinary stretch. When mixing the two you get a mostly natural based product with the ability to stretch. Providing multiple uses for daily garment wear. Since rayon spandex is cool overall it is more ideal for sportswear, summer and spring wear, but with the proper pieces rayon spandex can be used in cooler months if layered. Some of my favorite outfits for Rayon spandex is dresses, tops or tank tops, palazzo pants or maxi skirts!