Hacci Knit Fabric

Hacci- Brushed/Non brushed: 

Also known as a type of sweater knit, has a more loopy, open-knit texture than your average knit like a rayon spandex or french terry. Being a wrinkle resistant material makes hacci ideal for grab and go outfits. Overall, hacci has a wide variety of weights and weave thicknesses. Thus making it important to check the ounces when shopping for a particular pattern in mind. Ultimately, brushed hacci and non brushed hacci are the same fabric with varying finishing processes. Brushed hacci (and other brushed fabrics such as brushed polyester, brushed french terry, or the like!) undergoes a mechanical brushing process where metal brushes with very fine tips meticulously “comb” the fabric raising the layer from its previous surface. Which then mimics like a fleece without the grimmy feeling. Ultimately, making brushed hacci a more cozy fabric than normal hacci. Some of my favorite items to make from hacci are lounge pants, sweaters, joggers, cardigans, knee high socks, scarves and more!