Q. How do I pre-wash and Care for my fabric?

A. We recommend you pre-wash AND dry your fabrics the same way you will the finished garment.

I add color catchers to the pre-wash always. As well as separating colors. Taking colors such as reds or blacks and washing alone since they have a high dyeing process. Wash until there is no more colors bleeding.
If it is a really loose weave, I serge the ends to prevent fraying and losing to much of the fabric.
I always dry everything on medium high heat after my pre-wash to get out any shrinkage and prevent future disappointment.
**If you pre-wash something and notice that colors have run on your fabric DO NOT dry it!
Whatever you do, do not apply heat. Rewash with your choice of detergent and add in a cap full or two of hydrogen peroxide, I have also rubbed it with water and a Fels- Naptha laundry bar. That little soap bar can get out some serious stains and you can find it in your regular laundry aisle. That has always worked for me! Once you have washed until all the dye is out (sometimes it takes a couple washes to get out excess dye if it has run) and you have double checked there isn't anymore then go ahead and dry it.
Q. How many yards fit in each USPS flat rate box?
A. Please refer to the 'Shipping' page to the left
Q. What is your refund/terms of sales policy? 
A. REFUNDS/EXCHANGES Due to the nature of Mystery boxes no refunds can be offered. If you have a refund request on retail items please contact me via Facebook Messenger in the Sincerely Rylee Fabric Shop group. In the event of an exchange it is your responsibility to pay shipment back for the item and I will then ship the new item to you after product has been received by myself. Please be sure to read EACH description on the products you intend to purchase for items vary.
Q. What is your turn around time?
A. The shop has a current turn around tone of 5-7 BUSINESS days. 

Q. Do you combine orders? If so what do I need to do to have my orders combined?
A. I do combine! If you have not received tracking you can continue to order at your convenience until you receive tracking. There is nothing else you need to do! I take care of the rest.

Q. Do you hold orders to maximize shipping?
A. Yes! There is a order status section with the option of holding and releasing your order to ship!

Q. Do you refund on shipping overage?
A. Yes! Shipping is refunded if over $3.

Q. Can I live in the shop and pet all the fabric?
A. Where as I wish I could provide this service, I imagine it may interupt my home life just a bit. Stay tuned for possible future.

Q. Do you offer local pick up?
A. I offer local "MEET UP"

Q. Can I come shop in person?
A. Unfortunately with the dynamic of how my shop provides services to all of those in need I find it important to be fair and continue all sales online.

Q. Does the website provide cart holds?
A. Yes! You have 5 minutes to check out before the cart will drop your items.

Q. What is french terry? (and other)
A. To find out what french terry and all other fabrics I offer please visit the "Fabric description" page!

Q. What can I make with the fabrics I received?
A. Please visit our pinterest page as well as for awesome inspiration!

Q. Do you ship international?
A. Yes. We ship anywhere in the world.

Q. What is international and domestic shipping prices?
A. For all shipping prices and shipping related questions please visit the " Shipping" page located on the left side of this page.
Q. Will all cuts be continuous yardage?
A. Yes, unless otherwise noted