Waffle Knit Fabric

What is Waffle knit?

Waffle fabrics are made up of polyester and spandex or sometimes rayon, polyester, and spandex. It is exactly what you would picture if your favorite breakfast item became a fabric! If you like textured fabrics good for cooler climates, waffles are the go to for cozy, soft, fabrics ideal for fall or winter when you just want to bundle up! With its raised rectangular threads, waffle fabric has a very distinct honeycomb like texture which was designed to trap in heat. It's made from a weft weave/knit to provide a three dimensional effect. Due to its unique design elements, waffle fabric retains heat and provides insulation for optimal warmth lock in. Though don’t be fooled, with the proper patterns like most garment fabrics, waffle knit can be an awesome added summer attire! Ideally, if you were to use waffle during the warmer months keep it simple. Something like a loose tank top or crop top will make it to where you have an awesome textured outfit with minimal fabric to still keep you cooler. Waffles are not as stretchy as other fabrics like French Terry, Double brushed poly, or the like. However it does have a 4 way stretch. Usually about 40% selvage to selvage and 20% along selvage. Some of my favorite items for winter wear in waffle fabrics are two piece sets, cardigans, long sleeve shirts, pajama sets, and more!