Velvet Knit Fabric

What is Velvet?

If you are looking for a great fabric suitable for evening wear or holiday outfits look no further. Velvet being originally made from silk but now more modernised with fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester, or mohair is luxurious but affordable. Velvet has multiple uses not only for clothing such as upholstery or even drapery! Obviously if one is marketing velvet for drapes that would also indicate its drape quality is up to par! This is due to its characteristics of short pile fibers. Velvet is made on a special loom known as a double cloth. This machine produces two pieces of velvet simultaneously being half a centimeter thick. It has a plain back with a thick, yet extremely soft surface, with a smooth nap making its appearance shiny. Then there's also another common velvet fabric called Crushed Velvet. This is essentially the same product but the procedures done to get its finishing appearance are a little different. When regular velvet is created it is left with its raised surface as its finished product. Allowing for a smooth balanced surface throughout the fabric. Crushed velvet however is just as suggested. It's literally crushed. Twisting the yarn while wet or by pressing the pile in different directions. This process makes the pattern shiny with a very unique sheen texture! Some of the most ideal makes from velvet are dresses, bomber blazers, one pieces, bell bottoms and so many other awesome special occasion outfits we all need!