Chenille Knit Fabric


Did you know Chenille is the French word for caterpillar? Makes sense why the fabric was named after a caterpillar since its yarn typically can look similar! Its fuzzy yarn makes for an extra warmth to any finished garment for those cool and cold months. Chenille actually resembles something you have likely heard of before or may even enjoy keeping in your wardrobe! Being iridescent like Velvet allows the look to differ depending on what direction you are looking at the fabric. Some of its key characteristics are fuzzy, soft, and bunchy!  It has fantastic drape, but its durability can change depending on how tight the weave of fibers are. The tighter the better! I would always recommend finishing the edges of Chenille fabric as it can fray if left raw. Usually using a stretch needle or a zigzag stitch will help keep the fibers together better than a serger (contradicting most other fabrics we carry at Sincerely Rylee Fabrics!) Hand wash or machine wash on gentle. When drying keep it on low heat or flat lay to dry. I do not recommend hang drying. When it comes to what to make it  can be pretty versatile! Sweaters, to lounge wear, even beanies to keep those ears cold in the winter months!  

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