Belle Cozy Sweater Knit


Here’s a good little rundown on the 🍂🍁BELLE🍁🍂


Fabric info:

1. The weight is 280 GSM
2. Stretch is 4 way 130/25
3. I washed and dried this fabric with little to no shrinking. (See attached photos)
4. Recovery is also great. (See attached video)
5. This is fluffy and fuzzy but doesn’t seem to snag easily.
6. Oh it’s also 98/2 poly spandex.
7. bolt width 60/65 inches 

Things you could make:

1. Obviously nothing. Just hoard it.
2. But if you wanted to make something... sweaters!
3. Cardigans
4. Lounge outfits/pjs
5. Oversized shirts, off the shoulder sweaters
6. Socks
7. Beanies
8. Headbands.
9. Literally anything! Like a throw blanket just to cuddle! (Recommend 2 yards for this)