Hey there! Glad you made it to our Scrap page! Here we rotate what we have available based on what we are cutting and what has filled the bin! Sometimes we have our normal scrap boxes that are all random pieces of fabric from rayon spandex, ity, wovens, hacci, French terry, rib knits etc. Then we sometimes have deluxe scrap boxes! These can be a little more as its usually filled with our seasonal spotlight items such as, belle, waffle, rib knit for tights, chenille, etc! 

When it comes to the cut sizes our scraps start at 1/4th a yard up to flawed yardage. We try our best to make sure each box gets a variety of sizes! These are perfect for tons of different things but some of the things I’ve seen sewn from scrap boxes are baby items, sleeves, scarves, pockets, beanies, and sometimes even a full outfit if you get a flawed piece that you can cut around!

We love our scrap boxes because they help us keep our textiles out of the landfills!