Sincerely Rylee Fabric Shop has a story that spans from coast to coast. A tale of ordinary beginnings turning into a sweater knit haven for seamstresses from all over! One day I was organizing my all-consuming, yet extremely lovely, stash of floral knits! I quickly realized *maybe* I had a hoarding problem. I had fabric in every nook and cranny of my house. Instead of calling TLC to get on the next season of "Hoarding Buried Alive" I did what any logical seamstress would do... I went directly to the biggest fabric network there was at the time and showcased my pretty fabric for all to see! The response was overwhelming!!! It went from a "look at the pretties!' post to my inbox and original thread receiving hundreds of request for me to help others build their stash! And so, a business was born! Through a few moves, some hiccups, and major changes, Sincerely Rylee has grown into the flourishing business I could have only dreamed of and I can't wait to continue on the SR journey with all of you!

Who is Sincerely Rylee?

This isn't just a straight forward answer! Sincerely Rylee is made up of many people who are devoted each and every day at providing the best customer service we can! Lets get to know who is behind Sincerely Rylee.


Meet Darcey and Chris Kelly (Owners)